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Hidden Gluten: Chicken Stock June 14, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Hidden Gluten.

Chicken stock is a hidden culprit in many restaurants turning typical foods on your gluten free “safe list” poisonous. Like all processed foods you have to read the store label on prepared stock but in restaurants we’re lucky to get even the chef to read a label. The ingredient to watch for is modified food starch which may or may not be derived from wheat, and of course wheat flour. If it does not contain this ingredient chicken stock is in theory safe. If you are not successful in confirming a restaurant’s chicken stock is gluten free here are a few items on the menu to be weary of that can contain chicken stock:

  • Soup
  • All Sauces (enchilada sauce, etc.)
  • Rice (spanish rice, rice pilaf etc. plain white rice made with water is fine)
  • Vegetables cooked in chicken broth


1. Natalie - June 14, 2010

A all-natural acupressurist that I go to convinced me to go off dairy. The results have been amazing — fewer headaches, less bloating and cramping. She reccommended I try a elimination diet of gluten to see if that would help too – but I have found that it is so hard!

Keep posting, maybe I’ll get the courage to try!

Melonie Gallegos - June 15, 2010

That’s awesome the only place I’ve accomplished mayorship of is my house! Oh, and of @downtownrob. I do miss dessert. It’s near impossible to find gluten free dessert, add dairy free to that and forget about it. I’m also sensitive to dairy. I’ve read the two allergies often come hand in hand. But I often sneak cheese in my dish at restaurants because that’s all the goodness left after they tell me I can’t have their sauces. Keep us updated on the results of your elimination diet. It’s a hassle and a bit of a production for about a week but worth knowing. Or go to your doctor like I plan to and ask to be tested, that does not require the elimination diet.

2. Natalie - June 14, 2010

P.S. I must add that I’m not completely off dairy. I am at home, but when I eat out, I will indulge in the dairy dessert. I’m the mayor of Extraordinary Desserts after all!

3. DowntownRob - June 14, 2010

Props to the restaurants that know what is in their food. I love the restaurants with great chefs that are sensitive to their patrons’ needs, and have prepared menu items accordingly.

Melonie Gallegos - June 15, 2010

Restaurant of note 🙂 Miguel’s Cucina in Coronado. Very caring and knowledgeable about what’s in their food. Always a good sign of a good restaurant.

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