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Dining Out Gluten Free: Jack in the Box – I found out what’s in my taco June 25, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Dining Out.
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Jack in the Box, Nationwide
Fast food

Tacos are usually a safe bet for dining out gluten free. Corn tortilla – safe, meat – safe, salsa – safe. I recently discovered I can’t bet on Jack in the Box tacos or just about anything else on their menu. It’s highly glutenated!

Blessed with the gift of label reading with my new found eating handicap, I am always suspicious of the over processed stuff served by fast food restaurants. Some make their ingredients list public. Most do not and only provide a nutrition guide – the minimum to comply with regulations. But don’t we all have a right to know what we are eating? If more people read the ingredients in their food they’d be shocked. Sorry, getting off track let me jump off my soap box and tell you how to navigate Jack’s menu.

Here’s a run down of the not so obvious menu items:


  • Tacos, the meat spices contain wheat
  • Bacon ranch dressing
  • The innocent looking teryaki bowls contain soy sauce
  • Fries and seasoned curly fries
  • Chicken fajita patty
  • BBQ sauce

Safe bets:

  • Chicken breast fillet with rib meat, grilled chicken fillet, julienne chicken
  • Salad with no croutons (if they do not prepackage them with croutons mixed in, not sure). Some of the dressings are safe including ranch if you’re ok with consuming MSG.
  • Chipotle sauce, secret and hot sauce
  • The safe old standby: burger, no bun (if you are lactose intolerant surprise the “all beef patty” does contain milk)

>>Jack in the Box full ingredients list (pdf)

I’m going to stick to the taco shack across the street.



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