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I tested for Celiac Disease yesterday… July 10, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Living It.

I finally did it. I’m getting to the bottom of it. Is it an allergy or do I have a disease? The sound of the word disease…well sounds awful. I’ve never had a disease. It makes me sound…unhealthy.

There are a few different tests you can take for Celiac. The most common is a blood test which measures the level of antibodies in your system resulting from eating wheat. Because I am on a gluten free diet it would not be very useful. A new genetic blood test will tell you if it runs in your family. This is the one I took yesterday and I’ll have results in about a week.

If it’s positive, bad news, I’m diseased. If it’s negative, bad news, I will remain in the dark undiagnosed. The good news is it will not change my life either way. The prescription is a gluten free diet. But I like definitive answers so I hope my mind will soon be at rest.

About testing from celiacdisease.net:

Screening for Celiac Disease can be done through both genetic and antibody tests. The genetic test will show if the genes necessary to develop the disease are present. This test is also good to rule out the disease. The antibody blood test will show if the system is responding negatively to gluten.

Let you know how it goes in a week.



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