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My test results for Celiac Disease July 17, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Living It.

My test results were negative for Celiac Disease. It’s good news but I’m still searching for an explanation to my digestive problems. The test I took a week ago determined if it runs in my family and if would even be possible to have Celiac Disease by genetic screening. It is pretty accurate, in the upper 90% according to my doctor. The next steps are endioscopy to take a sample of the stomach lining (ouch!) to further diagnise Celiac. Or, blood testing for food allergies. Keeping in mind there are two possible diagnosis 1. Celiac Disease (a genetic disease) or 2 gluten intolerance (an allergy that irrates digestion on varying levels) I declined the invasive testing. I’m also open to exploring other causes like dairy. So we went with a blood test running common food and air born allergy panels. This may not bring any insight to wheat but I’m just collecting as much information as I can in the hopes I can eat red velvet cake again.

Good article on food allergies, you could have one and not know it:



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