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The Simple and Free Detox Elimination Diet August 9, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Living It.

Once per year I detox just to keep my body clean. The detox diet I use is simple, does not cost money nor involve fancy pills or elixirs. I just don’t believe in that stuff it’s snake juice. I follow the basic list of foods to avoid and include in my diet which I found on about.com. When I began exploring food allergies with my doctor the first thing she recommended was the elimination diet which involves a detox diet to rid your system of all allergens, followed by methodically adding suspect foods to your diet to isolate the cause of your digestion woes. The diet she prescribed was the same as the one I had been using all along for detox. It basically involves no animal products, processed foods. The elimination diet layers in also removing foods that are common allergens (soy, dairy, peanuts, wheat). I am sharing my diet here with you, but with a request to please consult your physician before starting any diet to make sure it is safe for you.

Stage 1 Detoxing (7-11 days)

For 7-11 days follow this list of foods to avoid and include in your diet.


The basics for your pantry: rice, beans, olive oil, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, lemon

It does not provide recipes so here are my tips on menu planning:

  • Have a lot of white and brown rice on hand it will be a staple.
  • Drink water at room temperature with slice of lemon in it all day, this helps your system cleanse itself.
  • Eat often and prepare small snacks like carrots or a fresh veggie or fruit platter, buy unsalted almonds and nuts to grab when you get hungry (and you will!) remember no peanuts, no salt, no fancy dustings of delicious flavors.
  • Buy cans of various beans to be sure you get enough protein and fiber – and they are filling. Read labels to be sure there are no weird ingredients, you just want the beans. A few I like: Trader Joes kidney beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans. Put them in your salad or mix them in your rice (kidney beans and rice mmm).
  • Enjoy exploring new fruits and vegetables.
  • Try quinoa.
  • Experiment with different dressings.
  • Prepare your meals for the week – cook a lot of rice, make grab and go salads, and chop all your fruits and veggies.
  • If you get really really hungry and can’t handle it any more, add fresh grilled chicken breast to your salad or rice.
  • Saute veggies and put them on rice, use olive oil and a dash of sea salt.
  • Go organic, because this diet involves ‘whole foods’ you will get to enjoy the raw flavor of, well food. How often do you get to do that? I find organic food is more flavorful, proof in point test organic against regular bananas you will taste the difference.
  • Go to the farmers market to stock up if you can, it’s the perfect place to grab flavorful veggies.

Stage 2 Elimination Testing (6+ days)

After detoxing for 11days then add the allergin foods into your diet. Start with your least suspect foods and test them over 48 hour periods one at a time. Eat the allergen food 1 day, then give your body 1 day to process it (don’t eat the allergen food the 2nd day just watch and wait to see how you feel). Here is an 6 day example plan.

Testing Wheat

Day 1

-wheat: toast w/dairy free margarine and honey in the morning

-wheat pasta with olive oil dinner

Day 2 do not eat wheat, stick to the detox food list

Testing Soy

Day 3

-test soy milk morning

-tofu dinner

Day 4 do not eat soy (or wheat), stick to the detox food list

Testing Dairy

Day 5

-milk in the ingredient

-cheese dinner

Day 6 do not eat dairy, stick to the detox food list

You can do it! Let me know how it goes and if you have other tips or detox recipes to share.



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