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When Gluten Free Goes Bad September 3, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Living It.

sick cow flickr photo credit: videoplaceboI’ve been doing horrible. Between a birthday this week, red velvet birthday cake, a lot of eating with little tasted here and there, and what seems like events involving social drinking every day for weeks – my stomach is in a tizzy. I’ve determined that lactose (anything containing cow milk including cheese ugh!) is just as bad for my tummy as wheat. If not worse. Did I mention that cake was filled with white chocolate and cream cheese frosting…

This is why I am declaring today day 1 of my 11 day detox diet. Not to test for allergies, to cleanse. My diet will basically consist of veggies and rice. The no no’s = sugar, processed foods at all, caffeine, meat, alcohol or anything else containing toxins.  This is going to be tough because I am traveling today and there will be nothing I can eat in the airport. Or, out in general.

Today’s menu plan:

Breakfast: water and green tea, some fruit if I can find some in a coffee shop or cafe

Lunch: salad from an organic lunch spot with fresh vegetables only, no meat no croutons no cheese and if I can’t find pure olive oil and vinegar dressing I will be skipping that too

Dinner: I will be home by then to cook with quality assurance. Fresh steamed veggies and white rice, a little sea salt and olive oil

I’ll share my menu as I go along. And will try to keep the wining down to a minimum. The first two days are the worst. My body literally goes through sugar and caffeine withdrawals sometimes causing headaches and flu like symptoms. At the end of the detox I feel great and the digestion problems will be completely gone. A new start for me and my tummy.



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