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My Day Two and Three Detox Diet Menu September 5, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Dishing It, Living It.

Room temperature lemon water all day

Ginger peach tea with honey
Guacamole and corn chips
Vegeterian wrap
I know the breakfast wasn’t standard I was at the farmers market.

Challenged lunching out with family at an Irish joint so opted for a plain salad hold the cheese and croutons, and steamed broccoli both drizzled with olive oil

Baked potato with roasted green chili relish

Bedtime Snack
Cucumber cherry tomato salad with lemon and olive oil

Room temperature lemon water all day

I made an extra large pot of rice for the next few days starting with cereal: warm rice with rice milk drizzled with a tbs of honey

Surviving lunch out was not so bad at The Fish Market. While fish isn’t on the detox list it’s the least impactful protein to cheat with…ok excuses the crab stuffed avacado salad was delicious and so was the California roll. Both are made with real crab not the fake stuff which is full of disgusting ingredients, don’t eat that crap. The worst ingredients in my dish were a few dips of soy sauce and mayo used in the salad. I declined the eggs and dressing which I substituted with oil and vinegar.

Lime cilantro rice, yep like Chipotle, and black beans topped with diced onions, tomatos and a dash of hot sauce

Guacamole and chips
Carrots tomatos
A peach

This diet requires you eat every few hours or you will start feeling weak, the snacks are crucial to survival!!



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