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My Day Eight and Nine Detox Diet Menu September 12, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Dishing It, Living It.

I’ve figured out how to navigate ordering at restaurants. Keep it simple and tell them I’m vegan, in addition to my deadly gluten allergy (not really but the urgency helps getting my order right). We eat out about four days or more out of the week which can be challenging because restaurants vary vastly in their ability to manage food allergies or requests. This week, the prize goes to Roy’s on the harbor. The food is amazing, the service even better. This has been my experience every time I’ve been there but they get extra awesome points for dealing with this menu with smiles. My advice if you are eating out gluten, lactose or detox free – order without any of the sauces and stick with the base foods. Or, substitute for olive oil.


Skipped (I was running out of prepped food by now! Friday)

Salad, half baked potato, left over Thai stir fry (scraping my fridge)

I was starving and needing some protein so cheated a little with the fish. Over all I listen to my body when it comes to eating, not diets.

Roy’s, San Diego harbor: shrimp cakes on greens, hawaiin roll containing spicy tuna topped with rainbow slices no sauce, seared scallops (prepared vegan and gluten free)

Edamame (plain no salt and sugar)


Half an avacado with sea salt

Aqua Pazzo, Rancho Mirage: quinoa and fig stuffed squash, greens tossed in a light vinegar/olive oil. Yummm that’s all I have to say. Menu:

Veggie tacos: corn tortilla stuffed with black beans, sautéd mushrooms in OO, and grilled beefsteak tomato, sea salt

Most important especially visiting the desert drink lots of water with lemon.

Here’s the quinoa stuffed squash and salad it was so good.

quinoa stuffed squash

detox salad



1. Диета - September 12, 2010

correctly selected diet – good health

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