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How to Make Perfect Gluten Free Cupcakes October 13, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Dishing It.

After yet another attempt of eating ‘normal’ over the last week I’ve given my life back to my restrictive gluten free and lactose free diet. Oh I indulged, I fell of the wagon good. I had my first panini, tore up a custard filled flaky layered cake, and ate everything I wanted from the Mexican Sunday brunch buffet. It took three days to catch up with me and Sunday night I was crying mommy. Good bye french pastry in the farmer’s market and so long beautiful slices of cakes perfectly displayed in the case of my favorite bakery in Little Italy. Here’s what I’m doing this week to tame my dessert craving.

How do I make the perfect gluten free cupcakes?…from a package of course. Look I am not a baker. I’m a cook. The time, precision and effort it takes to nail down the perfect gluten free cake recipe is beyond me. Some day I’ll do it when I have the time and patience. All I want right now is frosty chocolate cake.

Here’s what you need:

gluten free cake ingredients







  • Bob’s Red Mill gluten free chocolate cake mix – I buy it by the case on amazon.com
  • Duncan Hines frosting – most of the flavors in this brand do not contain milk or wheat due to its wonderful amount of cheap artificial ingredients. Sometimes it can work in our favor. In this recipe I used buttercream.
  • Cupcake papers – I like the look when they are doubled up using different colors.
  • Sprinkles – read your labels and you’ll find many decorative sprinkles are made with sugar, cornstarch and rice flour not wheat flour. Another score for the gluten free team. Again, never assume please read your labels.

Make cupcakes per package instructions following them exactly in order of ingredients and prescribed mixing times. Substitute milk for soy milk. The baking time calls for 15-18 minutes for cupcakes I used the lower end because I used the convection oven which cooks faster than normal ovens. The resulting cups were not perfect in shape, in fact I should have taken them out 1-2 minutes earlier (convection!):

gluten free chocolate cupcakes






My taste test proved they were perfect in texture, meaning moist and fluffy. Texture is what really matters in gluten free baking:

gluten free chocolate cupcakes






A little buttercream love and sprinkle of magic then voila you have gluten free cupcakes. Total cooking, decorating and prep time 40 minutes.




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