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Where to Find Healthy Gluten Free Holiday Recipes December 23, 2010

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Dishing It.

As I launch myself into my first of this Christmases with different groups of family today, I am thinking about how I’m going to stick to my diet while making my food look as normal and delicious as I can. I’m getting a little tired of my food allergies becoming the topic of conversation during family meals. I understand why it is. But really, I have much more to talk about and catch up on with my beloved family.

Here are my top pics for recipe sourcing this Holiday. I hope you stay healthy, enjoy your family or friends, and find ways to stay on your eating plan.


Visit Dining Details blog

Dining Details






Follow @DDchefmom on Twitter and visit her blog for farm-to-table recipes that will blow your mind. I recently took a Thanksgiving class with Julie and had a blast cooking my version of dairy-free, gluten-free baked chicken. She even has a special gluten free section in recipes with chocolate quinoa brownies, cookies and curried lentil stew. Whoo hoo!



Visit Baby Cakes NYC

Baby Cakes NYC





This one is special to me. Not only because getting dessert is next to impossible on a gluten free diet, but for the dream. I picked up the cookbook for Christmas to give to my 17 year old daughter who is an aspiring pastry chef. Part of her dream is to bake gluten free goodies to serve in her own bakery some day. I have no doubt it’s to feed her mama and people like me. Baby Cakes is kind enough to share their recipe secretes and via @babycakesnyc with the world. And my little chef.



Visit Gluten Free Girl and the Chef blog

Gluten Free Girl





When I followed @glutenfreegirl on Twitter I had no idea that she was such a chef. I mean a serious one. When I discovered Shauna’s cookbook on the shelf at Borders of course I tweeted her with and OMG is that you?! And it was, and her recipes are awesome. Don’t be too intimidated, she is actually a regular person with an amazing story of a journey to health through changing her diet. And who, lucky her, is married to “the chef.” Get her blog, videos and recipes here.



Visit Izalia Bakes Blog

Izalia Bakes





How can I not tell you more about my little chef. OK, I know she’s not little but I’m a mom I can’t help it. You can follow her journey – it’s just begun she was recently accepted to Johnson and Whales University culinary arts program, and baking recipes – regular and gluten free experiments on her Izalia Bakes blog and @izaliabakes Twitter.





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