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The Best Bar Food Can Be Got at Ruth’s Chris May 5, 2011

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Dining Out.

Living downtown San Diego I’m fortunate to have so many good dining choices. Rarely do these include bars because the menu and service just doesn’t live up to the high maintenance needs of my gluten and lactose free diet. Most bar food is fried, breaded or full of cheese dressings so pubs are out of the question unless I’m drinking my dinner. Ruth’s Chris is absolutely the exception. My significant other and I had a busy week, working most evenings, and needed a spot that would allow us to fuel up and quietly co-work. We tried the Ruths Chris bar on the harbor. It was lovely. They just redesigned the booths with velvety fabric and we are big booth fans. We like to sit together and I’m always cold so need to cuddle up in restaurants.

Here are a few things that made it exceptional:

  • The server/bartender took genuine interest in learning about gluten food allergies.
  • Had gluten free soy sauce behind the counter.
  • Flexible in customizing the menu allowing me to order simple items not listed as an official entrée. Or revising entrées where possible.
  • Most of their food is prepared fresh, it doesn’t come out of an unmarked bag in the back of their freezer, or premade in batch. This allows for customization. And is the sign of a quality restaurant.
Being treated with respect and care is a big deal for someone with special dietary needs. There are recent occurrences of chefs or restaurant workers who are annoyed with people’s food allergies and act carelessly. Restaurants with an educated staff who respect people’s food choices health related or otherwise earn big points with me. I’ll be a loyal patron for life. If you ever go to Ruth’s Chris in San Diego say hi to James at the bar or tweet him ahead and they’ll have a gluten free menu ready for you. And try his martini, it’s to die for!


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