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Is mayonnaise dairy free? May 26, 2011

Posted by Melonie Gallegos in Is It or Isn't It?.
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Mayo is typically made with eggs and a lot of oil making it both lactose an gluten free. This is a great base for salad dressings like thousand island and sauces like my favorite chipotle mmmm.

But wait. You’re still not in the clear. Many restaurants use milk products in their thousand island and god-knows-what is in the bottle at the grocery store. Ask for sauce ingredients and keep reading your labels. If you use the word dairy free in your ask, make sure you qualify it with milk or lactose free or you will surely get “it has eggs in it is that ok?” And when asking whether or not a sauce is lactose free, qualify it with “mayonnaise is ok” because most people do not know the difference.

My favorite brand of mayo Best Foods happens to carry gluten free labeling. Try their olive oil version it’s delish and a little bit healthier. You’re not one of those Miracle Whip weirdos are you? All joking aside I haven’t checked that label and have no idea what’s in it. If you have please share.